Benexia® assures a Low Moisture and Low Microbial Chia Seed for the highest quality standard requirements of the food industry.

Our BENEXIA® Chia Seed benefits from a in-house unique and innovative, natural, chemical free sterilization process that ensures a free from pathogens product, with the lowest microbial load and lowest moisture content, specially designed for the highest and most strict Food Safety Specification and application. The system provides simultaneous pasteurization, disinfestation and enzyme inactivation effects.

  • Benexia® Chia seed is the highest standard in food safety and traceability in the chia market.
  • Benexia® Chia seed is a food safe product that can be consumed directly by human.
  • Benexia® LM Chia Seed is the specification that is requested by high quality demanding companies, who require low moisture and a minimum of 5 Log reduction in the seeds product. (See values comparison hereunder).
  • Benexia® LM Chia Seed goes through a unique, and chemical free new method, both non-additive and residue free.  
  • This process is applicable to both conventional and organic product.
  • Benexia® LM Chia Seed fully maintain the nutritional quality of Benexia® Chia seed, its flavor, color and texture.

Because of changes in food production and distribution methods, the ways foodborne disease arise and spread are changing and the scope of outbreaks is more severe. National and multinational occurrences are not uncommon.

While the direct financial costs of a food outbreak may seem minimal, the costs to shareholder values, compensatory damages from lawsuits and the necessary public relations costs could amount to five to ten times the costs of federal fines and recalls. Defending yourself against a food outbreak is just good business.

Additionally, consumers are asking for products that are minimally processed and free of chemical additives. Organic Food is on the rise.  Ethic food, clean label and transparency are being asked to the industry.

BENEXIA® proposes a validated modern solution to the food industry that is looking for the highest food safety.

Chemical Specification Specification
Total moisture 9.0   % 7.0   %
Total plate count 10,000 CFU/g 1,000 CFU/g
Yeasts 1,000 CFU/g 100 CFU/g
Moulds 1,000 CFU/g 100 CFU/g
Staphylococcus aureus 100 CFU/g 10 CFU/g
Coliforms 100 MPN/g 10 MPN/g
Enterobacteriaceae 100 CFU/g 10 CFU/g
Bacillus cereus 100 CFU/g 10 CFU/g
E. coli Absence Absence
Salmonella Absence (0/25g) Absence (0/25g)